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Through STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics) Education and skilling of children from an early age, mindsets of wise and responsible future leaders are set from the beginning.

Buiding children's minds to be solution providers


Courses in Artisanry

Empowering young women and men through artisanry solutions


Engineering Courses

Building youth employement through Engineering skills


Courses: Social Entrepreneurship Business Management Marketing Management Agriculture Gardening and Landscaping Sewing and dressmaking Domestic science: basic cooking, cleaning, washing, hygiene Survival skills Positive Youth Development(PYD) Parenting Emotional Intelligence Negotiation skills Etiquette Spiritual wisdom Finding purpose for life Family unity

Building Communities to Become Solution Providers

GCU Academy of Sciences NPO school opening in 2025!

GCU Academy of Sciences (GCUASc) is a non-profit, independent  STEAM school, registered in South Africa, to provide affordable high-quality education and occupational skills training with a Science emphasis, at an affordable price, primarily targeting socio-economically disadvantaged communities, to address the education and skills inequalities in South Africa.

GCUASc commits to caring for every student in the school community, to discover his/her personal strengths and weaknesses, as well as interests towards a purposeful meaningful living, with a holistic approach, to both encourage and challenge students.

While it runs independently, it is a sister organisation of the GCU Academy of Humanity (GCUAH) PBO, a Poverty Relief and Food Security PBO. The positioning statement of the GCUAH is Genius Capabilities Unlocked, which also gives expression to it's acronym - GCU.

There are plans to purchase land in Magaliesburg to build facilities for the Academy, which would kick-start with an interim technical skills class in Rustenburg or Johannesburg to start administering the curriculum options and qualification processes. 

The location of the Pre-grade R classes is intended to be in Gauteng suburbs and Rustenburg city, to begin with, in 2025.
Positioning STEM/STEAM as an integrated learning experience 
Reliable Solutions
Learners grow to become confident practical solution providers
Scientifically oriented  learning 
Learners enjoy scientifically simulated learning from kindergarten stage.
Integrated Learning  Experience
Our kids enjoy integrated learning experiences, centred on the spiritual consciousness of who inspires all things - the Creator of the entire universe, earth and all planets- the monolithic, omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent God of heaven and earth.
Registrations-GCU Group
1  . The GCU Academy of Sciences (GCUASc) NPC  and NPO
The GCU Academy of Sciences (Reg #2021/996802/08) was registered on 15 Nov 2021 in South Africa for the purposes of providing affordable, quality STEAM Education, Technical Skills Training, and Life Skills Development. The GCUASc is mandated to deliver on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) based Education and Training with a Christian ethos.

2.  The GCU Academy of Humanity (GCUAH) PBO   
GCU Academy of Humanity (GCUAH) (reg 2021/941131/08) is a PBO registered in RSA according to section 18A(1)(a) of the Income Tax Act and is tax exempt in terms of section 10(1)(cN) of the Act, effective from 22 April 2022.  

It is a Poverty Alleviation organisation, priroritsing Food Security through developing or improving current value chain, and creating employment and social enterprises with accompanying industrial and life , partnering with corporations in South Africa and globally. Its education and technical skills arm is the  GCU Academy of Sciences (GCUASc) NPC .

3. The Global Christian Unity (GCU) Development Trust (GCUDT)   Reg #. IT 3586/2012 (G),) amended 24/11/2014).   
It has the mandate to Unite Christians for a greater impact of the end-time Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.   

Beneficiaries are children, women and youth from marginalised communities. 
It is also a Non-Profit Organisation (NPO #: 149-338).   Tax Exemption i.t.o section 10(1)(cN) of the PBO requirements in section 30(3) of the Income Tax Act 58 of 1962: #0411237258.   

4. GCU

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